Hell on Earth

Extermination, is your solution
Protecting their vast domination
In the eyes of the innocents
Blinded by illusion of governments

Blood is just cheap expanses
Spent for the sake of black gold
You lied to dull our senses
We’re just doing what we’re told

In the name of God you kill
Nothing can stop your blind will
No regret, no remorse, no mercy,
Nothing more than pure hypocrisy

Innocent lives are…

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In Your house

I stand feeling at peace
My face is facing west
In this sacred space
My hands rest on my chest

Bless me O’Great One
For I seek peace in Your house
I will stop when I’m done
My black soul I shall denounce

Who am I to disobey?
Water over my hands and face
We meet five times a day
I stand humbly in Your gaze

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Full circle seven times

Full circle seven times

My steps towards freedom
Laced with heavenly bouquet
I surrender myself to martyrdom
In this holy site I kneel and pray

Full circle seven times
My soul is yours to claim
I recall every sins and crimes
Flesh, fortune and fame

Full circle seven times
I am alone and tiny
Lost in your vast Kingdom
Guide me so I can be free

This journey will end beautifully
With my total submission
You have set my soul…

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Blank. http://wp.me/s3ZuQO-blank

I’m dreading this boredom and mundane daily rituals which has overwhelmed me. I could feel a pair of invisible hands restricting my spirit, moving me, in a pointless animation. My daily cycle goes on and on, waking up, go to work, go home, go to bed, and waking up again; its mind numbing.

I’m walking down a spiral staircase into a dark abyss. The dreams and goals of my creative destiny are…

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Inner child

Why did you kill that child?
You mature but you never grow up
Have you forgotten that innocent smile?
Why give it all up?

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Relapse http://wp.me/s3ZuQO-relapse

Day by day, I feel this mundane daily ritual starting to overwhelm me, choking the life out of my body. I can feel invisible hands restricting me, moving my limbs in a pointless animation of blue collar life. Waking up in the morning, go to work, go home, sleep, and the cycle goes on and on and on. Dreams of my creative destiny are slipping slowly from my fingers. I can’t stand this anymore.…

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olympus om-2
35mm film



olympus om-2

35mm film

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A nice bunch


A nice bunch

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untitled by emily hayward on Flickr.

untitled by emily hayward on Flickr.

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Tender slender

I know her
She’s the girl
With millions of problems
Messed up girls
They make good lovers

Under the stars
Inside the car
Sharing a stick of cancer
Trading dark tales

Classic tale of rejection
The slender goddess
Who said not now

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